WORX Switchdriver Review: A Useful Tool or a Gimmick?

Review of the WORX Switchdriver: Pros & Cons

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If you ever built a wood deck or worked on another project that required you to switch between drilling pilot holes and tightening screws, you know how much hassle it can be to have to switch your drilling and driving bits over and over again.

While you could avoid that by having two impact drivers,the WORX Switchdriver– a unique impact driver with two chucks – might be an easier and more affordable solution.

Continue reading this review to see what its pros and cons are, how it compares with having two impact drivers, and whether it’s worth getting.


What Is WORX Switchdriver?

Features two chucks that allow for efficient switching between different bits. Comes with two batteries.

What Is WORX Switchdriver?

WORX is a manufacturer originally from China that offers a portfolio of lawn and garden equipment as well as power tools aimed mainly at homeowners and DIY enthusiasts. Besides standard tools, it also manufactures some more innovative tools like a 2-in-1reciprocating saw/jigsaw and the WORX Switch Driver which is the topic of this article.

As you know, regular impact drivers feature a chuck to which you can attach a bit to.

The Switchdriver features two of those on a rotating base allowing you to quickly switch between the two. Other than that, it is pretty much a standard impact driver.

It is powered by WORX 20-volt batteries that can be used with other Power Share-compatible tools made by the company. The product is sold in a package with a charger and two batteries. Besides that, a Philips bit and two wood drill bits come with the driver.

In terms of performance, it offers two different speed settings and has electronic torque control – both helping you with delivering the exact amount of rotation for whatever job you need to get done.

Also, it’s equipped with a LED light that will help you with drilling and tightening screws in darker areas.

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WORX Switchdriver Specifications

The overview above should give you a good idea of what the tool is like.

Here, let’s take a look at what’s “under (and above) its hood:”

  • Weight:Just above 3 pounds including battery
  • Power:20 volts
  • Chuck type:1/4-inch hex
  • Speed:Up to 1,500 RPM (Up to 400 RPM on slower speed setting)
  • Torque:Up to 265 inch-pounds
  • Drilling capacity:Up to 3/8-inch thick steel
  • Warranty:2-year limited warranty on tool, 1-year limited warranty on batteries

The Pros of the WORX Switchdriver

如果你閱讀上麵的,你應該有一個粗糙的idea about what the advantages of the WORX Switchdriver impact driver are. Let’s look at them in more detail, though.

First, it’s a highly productive tool.Rather than having to take a drill bit out and put a driver bit in every time you want to switch between the two tasks, you can simply press a button and rotate the head to activate the bit you need. On larger projects, this can save you a lot of time and hassle.

Second, it’s rotating action is highly controllable.Of course, the tool has a variable speed trigger that makes the bit spin faster when you press it deeper. It is also, however, equipped with electronic torque control that lets you set the maximum torque you want to apply to a screw and a separate switch that lets you pick between two different maximum speed settings.

Third, it comes with two batteries and a charger.Having to buy spare batteries for tools can quickly add up to amounts higher than the cost of the tool itself. As such, it’s a nice bonus that the WORX Switchdriver comes with a pair of batteries in its standard variant. What is more, those batteries can be used with other 20V WORX tools as well.

Finally, it makes for a great gift.Giving a regular impact driver to your handyman friend is boring. Giving that same person the WORX Switchdriver, on the other hand, is a good idea. It combines the usefulness of an impact driver with the novelty of having two chucks.

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The Cons of the WORX Switchdriver

Like any other product, the WORX Switchdriver also has its disadvantages.

Let’s take a quick look at those now.

First, it’s a bit gimmicky.What I mean by that is that even though it is a really practical tool, it has a level of novelty to it that might not appeal to professionals. As such, even though it speeds up many tasks that professionals often do, this remains a product that is mainly used by “amateurs” at this point.

Second, it is usually more expensive than similar single-chuck alternatives.That said, you save time – the most valuable resource – by using it and so it will pay for itself in no time. Also, other tools generally only come with one (or no) battery.

WORX Switchdriver Alternatives

In the past, other companies including Buffalo and Mansfield tried introducing similar products into the market.However, at this point, WORX Switchdriver seems to be the only readily-available dual-chuck impact driver.

That said, there are a couple of alternatives that you can use to make your work faster compared to using a single tool with multiple bits.

The first alternative is, of course, simply using two impact drivers – each with a different bit attached.That would, however, require you to buy two expensive tools – and also carry more equipment with you.

The other alternative worth exploring are bits designed to be switched quickly.An example of that would bethe DeWalt rapid load set. While those will fit any impact driver, they do not eliminate the need to switch the bits – they just make it a bit easier.


If you are reading this review, you are likely looking for the answer to a single question: is the WORX Switchdriver worth getting?

And, as with anything else, the answer is “it depends.”

With the dual chuck, the tool is certainly very practical for applications when you need to drill a pilot hole and then screw a lag in or similar. In that case, it allows you to do both of those tasks without having to change the bit between them. It’s also competitive with other impact drivers in terms of power, speed and torque settings, and so on.

However, if you already use battery-powered tools by another brand, then I wouldn’t really bother with getting the Switchdriver. That is unless you do a lot of woodwork with lag bolts or similar.

On the other hand, if you are looking for your first impact driver – and expect to be switching between different bits a lot – then certainly considergetting this unique tool.

Unless you are planning to be a professional handyman, that is. In that case, you might be better off going with one of the more “professional” tool brands like Makita or DeWalt.

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