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If you plan to build cabinets, furniture, floors, walls, roofs, and anything in between, it is crucial that you choose the best building material for the task at hand. Two very common building materials include plywood and melamine. Both are ideal building materials in their own rights, although they are extremely different.

Let’s figure out what both plywood and melamine are, what makes them similar and different, and which of the two you should use.

Plywood vs. Melamine: The Basics


What Is Plywood?

Plywood是一個非常具體的工程木材,它通常被視為那裏的最佳工程木材之一。與實心木材不同,膠合板由許多組件組成。具體地,它由樹脂的組合製成hardwood or softwoodveneers. These wood strips are laid down side by side to form solid layers.

Several layers are placed over top of one another, with each layer being perpendicular to the last. Plywood is generally made out of between three and seven layers of veneer strips. These veneer layers are then all glued and pressed together to form a solid sheet.

有許多types and grades of plywood在那裏。你有一個,b,c和d,具有最高質量,d是質量最低。等級越高,膠合板的結越少,膠合板的結越少,而且它的順暢。

You also have different types of plywood in terms of interior use, exterior use,海洋級膠合板, 和更多。有些人比其他更耐用和防水。一般來說,膠合板非常強,它可以耐濕,它握在螺釘上,並沒有過度重,並且相當容易使用。

Plywood is a versatile building material that can be used for both structural and non-structural purposes.

What Is Melamine?

Melamine can be confusing as far as building materials are concerned. Many sources claim that melamine is a type of engineered wood. This is 100% false. Although melamine can be formed into boards and used in place of engineered wood, it has absolutely nothing at all to do with wood.

困惑的人是術語以及人們如何使用這個詞。是的,有工程木材類型,主要是刨花板, which may be coated in a layer of melamine for added durability, fire resistance, and waterproofing. You can find 100% melamine boards out there, as well as engineered wood coated in this substance.




我看到這些材料之一s wood and the other is plastic, the similarities they share are limited.

1. Both Can Be Used for Similar Purposes


2. Both Come In Various Sizes




4. Both Can Contain Harmful Chemicals


5. Both Aren’t Ideal for Painting


Differences Between Plywood and Melamine


1. One Is Wood, the Other Is Plastic

The most basic difference here is of course that plywood is wood, whereas melamine is plastic. They are just two completely different materials altogether.

2. Melamine Is Generally Used as a Coating



A big advantage of melamine is that it is 100% waterproof and extremely weather-resistant. There are some kinds of plywood that are extremely weather-resistant and water-resistant, and in some cases even waterproof, although it just doesn’t stack up to the waterproof nature of melamine.




Melamine usually comes complete in many different print and color options that are totally finished and ready to use. This kind of selection is not something that you will find with plywood. Plywood generally all looks very similar.

6. Melamine Is Smoother


7. Plywood Has a Much More Natural Appearance




9. Plywood Weighs Less Than Melamine

Although the difference is somewhat negligible, plywood does weigh slightly less than melamine.

10. Plywood Holds Onto Screws Better

Plywood really excels at holding onto screws and nails, whereas melamine does not. Melamine is actually rather poor at holding onto screws.

11. Melamine Is Easier to Saw



High-quality plywood can cost a whole lot of money, whereas melamine is generally extremely cost-effective.

Which of the Two Should You Use?

If you are looking for something cheap, smooth, easy to work with, and available in many different colors, then melamine is the way to go. It also works well for areas that don’t have to be structurally sound necessarily, yet also require good waterproofing and fire retardant abilities.

On the other hand, if you need a material that is structurally sound, then it is plywood that you want. Plywood just has a much more natural appearance, it’s much more durable and long-lasting, and it is structurally sound too. Remember that you can also get certain types of plywood that are moisture resistant or in some cases even waterproof.