How to Remove a Bolt That Keeps Spinning

How to Remove a Bolt That Keeps Spinning

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The result is that the bolt keeps continuously spinning, without ever getting tight. Of course, this won’t do you any favors. A bolt that keeps spinning needs to be removed and replaced. Exactly how to remove a bolt that keeps spinning is what we are going to address right now.

Can You Remove a Bolt That Keeps Spinning Without Cutting It?

One question that many people have is whether or not removing a bolt that keeps spinning is possible without cutting or breaking the bolt. The answer here is that it is technically possible to remove a bolt that keeps spinning without cutting it. That said, it really depends on the situation and how stuck onto the bolt the nut is.

After all, it really all comes down to whether or not you can remove the nut. If you get some better wrenches, you may be able to muscle your way through it. Moreover, you may also be able to expand the nut by heating it up, which could make it come off. Furthermore, it is also a possibility that you can break the nut without having to break the bolt.

However, if none of these approaches work, then your only option is going to be to cut the bolt. As you will see, there are many tools that can be used to cut and remove a bolt. That said, we do first want to address the methods that do not involve cutting or breaking the bolt.

9 Ways to Remove a Bolt That Keeps Spinning

As far as we can tell, there are nine different ways to remove a bolt that keeps spinning. First, we will attempt to loosen the nut on the bolt. If that’s not possible, we will remove the nut from the bolt. If that is not possible, then we will have to break the bolt.

1. Try Your Wrenches Again


2. Use Some Lubrication




To remove a bolt that keeps spinning, you can also try using a breaker bar. You will want to hold the nut with a wrench, and then use a breaker bar to try and loosen the bolt. A breaker bar is just a really long socket wrench with an extremely long handle, which allows you to apply a lot of force and leverage.


4. Heat Up the Nut and Try Again



If you are still having trouble getting a grip on the nut, we recommend attempting to place the nut inside of a vice grip and closing the vice grips as tight as possible. Then, use a socket wrench, preferably a breaker bar, to try and loosen the bolt. If this still does not work, move on to the next method.

Vice Grip




7. Use a Nut Splitter

If all attempts to remove the nut without breaking it have failed, then you will have to break the nut.

This is best done with a nut splitter. There are two types of nut splitters out there, including manual nut splitters and hydraulic nut splitters. Manual nut splitters take a bit more work to use, although they are much more affordable than hydraulic nut splitters. A hydraulic nut splitter is only something you would buy if you have constant use for it. That said, nut splitters are the easiest way to go about this.

Simply follow the directions as indicated on your product. That said, what do you do if you do not have enough splitter? Move on to the next step.

Nut Splitter


If you have enough room to maneuver, what you can try doing is hitting the nut with a hammer. Yes, here we are talking about hitting the nut so hard that you literally break it along with the bottom half of the bolt right off. If you have enough muscle power, a good hammer, and enough room to get a good swing in, then this is a possibility.


9. Cut the Bolt Using a Variety of Tools


Cutting Off a Bolt

What Is the Best Way to Remove a Spinning Bolt?

Personally, we would recommend adding some lubrication to the mix, some penetrating fluid, and then using a good breaker bar along with a good secondary socket wrench. However, if simply loosening the nut is not an option, then the next viable option is to break the nut, and if that doesn’t work, the last resort is to cut the bolt.